Osborne Unveils £1.5B Education Funding

The U.K.’s Chancellor George Osborne is about to announce a £1.5 billion package of additional funding for education in the budget.

This increased spending for state schools in the UK will allow secondary schools to offer a longer school day. It will also help many schools to offer more additional lessons and extracurricular activities.

Teaching unions in UK however are criticising Osborne’s plan. There National Union of Teachers is accusing the Chancellor of what they call a “”undoing over 50 years of comprehensive public education at a stroke”.

This eight budget by the British Chancellor comes at the back of increased concern about the global economy. Osborne plans a further £4 billion of spending cuts order to meet his fiscal target.

Some media in the United Kingdom, such as The Financial Times say that the Chancellor will be forced to admit that he has missed the target to cut the nation’s debt.

On the other hand, several experts in the UK say that the additional funding for the nation’s state schools is urgently needed. They see private schools in the UK often at an advantage as compared to public education. This additional funding could help make state schools in UK more attractive and competitive.

The above news from the U.K.’s education sector are brought to you by Kingshottschool, the U.K.’s premier private school in Cambridgeshire. Attending a private school today can be what your children need for a great career.

Tips on Packaging, Shipping and Insuring Art

This is the nightmare of any art collector: how to ship that priceless piece of art you just obtained safely and professionally?

Obviously,  shipping a multi-million dollar art piece is a process that involves many crucial steps. With almost any step you will need to have professional help. You will also require adequate security and insurance.

If you need to ship a painting that may well be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, qualified security personnel must be present 24/7. Even just for the right packing and handling of the piece you will want experts who know exactly what they are doing.

For insuring the art piece it’s very important that you have all the required documents regarding the artist’s name, the significance of the artwork, the artwork’s provenance and history and for the value of the piece.

Shipping such priceless pieces across borders can add further difficulties. You need to know what type of shipping documentation will be required so you won’t encounter problems at customs. Here too you should consult experts who are familiar with shipping art because those usually know about all the required  documents depending where you want to ship to.

In summary, shipping art pieces is a very involved step that requires careful attention from the instant you obtained a piece until it arrives at your desired place of destination.

The Singing Waiters’ ‘The Brit Tones’ Vocal Group

The Singing Waiter’s new fun vocal group ‘The Brit Tones’ in action!

You can see The Brit Tones at selected UK cruise ships this summer.

The Brit Tones are the latest feature and entertainment show by British surprise entertainers The Singing Waiters UK. With The Singing Waiters, your next celebration event will be unforgettable! Enjoy surprise entertainment par excellence with Britain’s #1 surprise act The Singing Waiters.

Reclaimed Wood Designer Furniture



Mac+Wood is without question among today’s most innovative and creative furniture designers. What sets the London UK based firm’s bespoke dining pieces apart from others makers and designs is the fact that Mac+Wood uses hand-selected and aged reclaimed wood timbers in their creations.

The minimalist designs by Mac+Wood combine the best of two worlds: They convey the timelessness and natural charm of warm wood with the class and style of steel in an unparalleled way. The rustic wood contrasts with the brushed steel frames, giving those pieces a very unique note.

In addition to their reclaimed wood table and dining benches Mac+Wood is now also offering bespoke office desks that come in the same, gorgeous designs like their dining sets.

A definitive recommendation for all those who are looking for something special for their home or commercial venue.

Courses For Relaxation And Stress-Relief At Your Local Gym

gym-courses-trainerIf someone thinks about gyms, the first thing that might come to mind is fitness training, exercises for losing weight or for building up your muscles. But increasingly more gyms today do not only offer ways for you to get your body in top shape: A gym can actually be great for your mind as well!

More and more gyms are now providing yoga classes, martial arts courses and some are even offering specialized classes for meditation and deep relaxation. With those courses you can not only do something beneficial for your body but can at the same time do something for your mental health. Those courses can be excellent for stress relief or if you simply want to do something for your overall well-being and a good, positive mind-set.

Any type of classes and courses offered by a gym will be a lot better as opposed to visiting a gym and then being on your own having to decide what equipment to use and what exercise routines would be best. (Pro Tip: If you don’t have any professional help with that, chances are good you won’t do the best exercises!)

On the other hand, attending a course by a gym means there will always be a qualified trainer who can advise you about what can be most effective for you, whether you want to build up muscles, want to lose weight, learn yoga or whatever goal you have in mind for your health and fitness.

Not all gyms today may offer those type of classes, some may even not offer anything at all beyond simply making their exercise equipment available to you. It can therefore be very helpful if you research a gym’s offers and available programs before you sign up with them. You can do that on the internet or simply by calling them up and have them tell you about what they can offer you.

The above tips for your health and fitness are brought to you by London Fields Fitness, one of the best gyms in Hackney! We offer personal trainers and training courses so you can make the best from your gym membership with us!

Unique Furniture And Art Made From Natural Materials

Devon in the United Kingdom’s south-west is the only county of England to have non-continuous stretches of coastline. It is the county in Great Britain that has a very unique maritime flair along with a rather mild climate.

driftwood mirrorDevon features beautiful coastal cities near gorgeous beaches which explains why this corner of Great Britain is also often called the English Riviera.

If you want to get Devon’s unique maritime charm right into your home you could look into driftwood art and driftwood furniture.

Driftwood furniture and art pieces are very unique in a sense that each and every piece is truly one of a kind. Natural design furniture made from driftwood likewise is sure to go with many different styles and tastes.

You can liven up any office or living room with a gorgeous driftwood desk or table but you can also add charm to any type of room with smaller accessories such as driftwood mirrors or a driftwood lamp. Many of those designer pieces will not set you back a fortune but are in fact rather affordable.

How about a sculpture made from natural driftwood as an amazing eye-catcher in front of your home? If you happen to have a garden, driftwood sculptures can likewise be an ideal addition to give it a very unique charm.

If you happen to live in any of the beautiful coastal towns in Devon, driftwood furniture will be perfect but it will likewise be a great addition to your home no matter where you live. Natural furniture made from driftwood is sure to add charm to any type of home!


On Horse Racing

For many, relaxation and leisure can also mean activities such as sports where folks  can possibly spend a few hours pursuing an enjoyable past time. Attending a soccer game or visiting the race track is sure always a welcomed change of scenery. The thrill and excitement at a game or race can quickly make you forget the one or the other problem.

Attending horse races is indeed one form of activity that is especially popular here in the UK.

Perhaps you may want to go to the track just for the fun of it, maybe with a bunch of friends to enjoy the unique and exciting atmosphere.

But horse races in the UK can become a lot more than “just entertainment” once you start to bet your money on the horses. Obviously you really don’t want to lose your money either. So what do you do in such a case?

You have several options here:

You bet some of your money but don’t really care should you lose it.

You don’t bet at all and simply enjoy watching the races.

You bet but do it smartly to increase your chances of winning.

With racing tips you can turn what for most is only a form of entertainment into a serious second income. It wouldn’t be the first time that a professional sports better worked out some smart system and is getting rich by using it. Those guys are out there but obviously they want to stay under the radar. They are not exactly loved by the bookies, to say it mildly.

I can highly recommend that you look into horse racing tips in case you want to take your passion for horse racing one step further. The best thing is, there are even free horse racing tips out there that can help you to get started on your way to future riches.

Starter Pointers If You Want To Learn How To Meditate

If you are still new to it and want to learn how to meditate I have some tips for you.

Over at Wikihow is I simple a straightforward guide that can get you started with some easy meditation techniques.

Another good link for beginners I can recommend is http://www.artofliving.org/in-en/8-tips-get-started-meditation.

Any well sorted library or book store should have some good books on meditation as well. I in particular want tp recommend books since sometimes an old-fashioned book to read while you relax can be much better than reading on the computer.

If you have a Kindle and go to Amazon to look for books on meditation you will come across a surprisingly big number of entirely free ebooks!

My Tips For Better Relaxing At Home

There are of course many ways to “actively” relax at home. It can be simple things such as watching a movie, playing a computer or reading a good book.

ergonomic chairFor some people, those leisure activities may not be enough when they want to relax to forget about the stress and hectic of every-day life.

Those people may take on yoga classes, they learn meditation or other more advanced ways to relax.

But what most people are possibly overseeing is that for relaxation it’s often things you can do so that you can relax even while you work.

A good example for this would be ergonomic chairs.

Those types of chairs allow you to do work a lot more comfortably, they will cause less strain on your back and your entire body. So basically, you can already relax while sitting on your computer or when you do work in the office.

Obviously, a non-ergonomic desk chair can be very uncomfortable: No matter how long you sit you will not experience any pain and it will likewise promote better posture and other health issues that could otherwise arise. Not so with desk chairs that are ergonomic!

I recommend you look at ergonomic chairs and other ergonomic furniture so you can get an idea what’s available today and how they can help to relax in your own home.

While we are talking about ergonomic furniture: The best thing you can do is to make sure that all your home’s furniture is ergonomic. A couch or a love-seat might LOOK comfortable but the cushions can be worn out, it may be way too soft which could also lead to problems down the road.

The above is especially important to consider if you intend to get second-hand furniture. The “good deal” on a used couch might then turn out anything but good if the couch is already too worn. Then rather get a new one from a reliable furniture vendor. Here you can learn all about it.